meet the maker

Yellow Heart Company is a small, home-based business operating through our online website and wholesale suppliers, solely by me, Megan, in Happy Valley-Goose Bay, NL. Just a disclaimer, whenever I use "we"... it's just me! I'm currently wearing a few hats running this dream of mine. I'm your creator, production lead, fulfillment manager, website designer, head of marketing, photographer, accountant, customer service and local delivery service! Oh! & did I mention I work a full time Monday - Friday, office manager position? Needless to say "we" like to keep busy but I wouldn't trade this life for anything. 

create the things you wish existed

Yellow Heart specializes in creating small joys that highlight the significant of the little things in life. Our main focus has been our signature soy wax candles that are handcrafted by yours truly from start to finish. Our fragrances are free of phthalates and harmful toxins and our soy wax is pure, Canadian-made, and formulated without parabens, additives or preservatives. We pour our candles with a choice of eco cotton wicks or FSC certified mills crackling wood wicks. 

We also offer pure soy wax melts in our signature scents and occasionally dabble in bath products such as bath bombs, salt soaks and bubble bars. Unfortunately, in desperate need to add more hours to the day, bath products have not been highlighted how we would like but is one of our big goals for the future of Yellow Heart Co. 

behind the lens

You may have noticed my product photos are not your typical blank background with just the item. Photography is something I absolutely adore and I go to great lengths to capture my products in scenes you may not expect a candle to be. For example, ignited on a bridge with an insane sunset in the background. My grandfather was an incredible photographer and artist who painted watercolor paintings of his own photography. Incredible in the sense of capturing photos of polar bears he'd go looking for just to bring home and paint. My photography is a way of honoring him in a sense. I believe he would be incredibly proud to see me chasing sunsets, laying the ground to get the right angle, setting up extravagant photo booths and spending hours editing. It's what makes this company this Yellow Heart and it's making something as simple as a product photo, magnificence. Because... it's always, always the little things.